Larceny was born Lawrence G. Dunbar on December 17, 1979 in Lenox Hill Hospital located in Manhattan, NY. He is a Black American recording rap artist and a member of the hardcore rap movement "100MAD" from Queens, NY. Both were discovered by Fredro Starr & Sticky Fingaz of the hardcore rap group "ONYX" in 2008. Larceny is also founder of his very own street movement "GP - Ghetto & Proud" established in 2002. Lawrence began making music at the age of 14 while living in Queens, NY. After moving to Jersey City, NJ he then started performing for local party's and events as well as joining freestyle sessions in the streets,at the school gym,hallways and the lunch room involving himself with groups of people who enjoyed the same passion and activities. At the age of 21, he released his 1ST street mixtape "Grinding for this Paper" and since then has completed a successful list of mixtapes, albums, magazine issues, live shows and tours. Working with artists such as - ONYX, Bangem Smurf, Chi-King, C.R.I.S.I.S. ,Makem Pay, and Snak The Ripper. Producers like Charli Brown, Aspect, Apollo Brown, Kajmir Royal, MadBeatz and DJs such as DJ CrazyEd, DJ Omega Red, DJ Hurricane, DJ Massacre, JGreen MoneyTalks, DJ Ill Will, DJ Motion and DJ Menace as well as several other DJ's and artists worldwide, he has built relationships with high levels of respect with everyone he worked with. This rap artist represents the real underground, hardcore street element... The struggle, The Pain... The Corner of Every Ghetto. With distribution through ONYX Records/100Mad Movement the streets now have a voice to reach not just every hood and street corner but the whole world. Larceny has been well known for bringing his own flow style and image to the face of hip hop, putting full motivation and dedication into all of his work. With his lyrical skills, delivery and an ambition that is indeed one of a kind, he has quickly become the most highly anticipated, overlooked underground hip-hop artist to be presented. Living by his words "Success is a Journey, not a Destination", this artist is fully determine to become successful and will continue to provide nothing but the best into his music for the people world wide to relate too and enjoy. Larceny also has his own following as well as groups of supporters and a great percentage of fan base that was clearly well earned and established along his journey. The Specialist is known for spending hours at a time in the studio working on multiple projects, recording also helping other artist with projects and events. Not only he is an artist but Larceny also produces music he has produced songs of his own such as "One Man, One Life" - feat. DWI of ATV, "Arabian Knights", and more that will appear on other projects from now to the future. He always has the motivation and energy to put his goals into full action over-looking the haters in the background and pushing himself forward to accomplish any mission. The term "Da Grind is by Nature" is indeed one way to describe Larceny The Specialist. This artist has earned the rights and respect to be called Mr. Multitask / Underground certified. Stay tuned because this wont be the last you will hear from Larceny. Promising words for the world and for the haters, it can be taken as a promise or a threat either way.